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Digital Art Series 2021

The Gallop series is about the horses expressing the feeling of freedom , galloping in the wild land, live happily with real friends of thy thoroughbred. 

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Horses' Hard's Day Night

The Gallop Series was started in Spring 2021, just as the world emerged from pandemic. This series is focused on equestrian themes, and it fully realises the connection between the artist's inner feelings and her artistic expression.

The Gallup Series is inspired by a simple story. A young girl in a village receives a postcard from a distant friend in Japan. The postcard is a picture of beautiful horses galloping in a forest. From that moment, horses became a fascination for the girl.

Residing in rural Malaysia, she frequently visits horses grazing in the greenfields at the edge of town. There she connected with Mac, a strong colt with a shining black coat. Each time they met, his almond eyes stared into her eyes.

Mac taught the young girl about self-confidence. In her most challenging moments of teenage doubt and seeking for her identity, being close to Mac was therapeutic. Mac was different from the other horses she'd seen. He had an unconquered, invictus power deep in his soul, which conveyed a sense of inner calm that gave her courage. 

As years went by, Mac was transported to another part of Malaysia by his owners. The young girl was saddened, however with Mac’s strong spirit in her heart, she channeled that energy creatively. Sometimes, when visiting a beach or river bank, she would use a stick to draw Mac's image in the sand. 

During one holiday trip, she managed to visit Mac in his new ranch. He was running among a herd of horses, all of a similar breed. She couldn't pick him out, but Mac saw the young lady standing at the fence, recognised her from his days as a colt and 

galloped towards her. This time, Mac was a strong stallion. She threw her arms around his neck, and they enjoyed a special embrace.

This reunion rekindled her fascination with horses and the young lady began to paint equestrian images on rice paper. In this medium, each stroke is committed with intention, without pause or regret, bold and yet calm. 

United Heart Beats

 United heart beats semi-abstract digital Artpiece  is  inspired by the song I wrote .


Far out in the plain, the sound of gallop pounding strong

Shaking the ground, calling out the wind in unity 

Whispering a note  convincing us that  peace arresting the time  

Riding on the wind, wild and untamed , we feel  thy strength of ourselves

Drumming the ground , our legs winning the stage

Floating in the gallop emotion , we bare our souls

We have a destiny, hanging on to our hope  and strength

Soon landing in a land of purity, where good hearts beat together


Feet in silence, head bowing down, we arrived.

To the land of equality.

Raindrops falling in, whispering of bamboo leaves

Rays of lights from afar, the sun emerging in

Rainbow on our bodies, we raise our heads , feel  alike

Next chapter of life begin right in front of our  eyes.

We are the new spirits, older bodies, and stronger hearts.

Remains united in strength .


Message :  Unity must be defined in our society today, the united colors.

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