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Unknown is unknown
Much we like to open up the unknown
Nothingness in abstract, trigger our mind
Deep dive into the stream of thinking
How could this be and why must it be
The unending quest to the unknown

Below are the pebble rocks , wash by the running water
No question how fast the river runs
It just flow on and on
Accepting that life is a path with hidden events
Charming and upsetting
Memerising the charms,disregards whats matter not
Keep flowing on and on
Just like the fishes deep dive into the stream, swimming along the flow of the water
We no longer thirst upon the unknown
Be a part of the unknown, let the dot connecting one dot a time
Just that , the light above shinning in
We see the rainbow of the day
Beauty defining the unknown.
Acceptance matter most.

" The unknown "
Digital artpiece by
Meeleng Claxton
9th April 2021
Available with Certificate of Authenticity


Bluebells and Iris

Pigments of blue shading the fantasy land

Alike the origami cranes

We are light and easy

Flight to the land of fantasy

Feel the peace of the Bluebells and Iris

Imagination expands, we see the Iris Petals

Giant sizing the backdrop of the mountains

Feel just like the Fantasy land we will reside.