In the world of perfection, Mama and Child papillion doggie exchanges warm loving quiet moment in the garden . Is year of dog, woh..woh..woh.. they bark gently.

Is language of love.

A circle denotes totality, absoluteness, eternity and perfection.

All these can be attain thru time.

Within the circle , ther are beauty of loving story filling in.

Is beauty within beauty that takes positive energy and time to establish.

Mama papillion extends her loving hand to convey love to her child. A gentle touch warm the hearts. 

Child reaching out to Mama, a sign of trust and love.

The dragonfly flew in  and flips its wings to distract the two.

Yet the strong connection and intensity of Mama and Child embrace are not distracted. This brings us  to the reflection on th moment when our child was in infancy, their stare into our eyes areso intense, fill with trust and love.

In silence, with no words exchanges, is just the stare that bond them .

Capture the essense of true love between mother and child.

Mama and Child - The Intensity of the stare.

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