Secret Garden Spider Chrysenthamum

Spider Chrysanthemum - Medicinal Kiss , Stretch out for Mama

When our kid was young,we love to bring them to thegarden to play. In the garden,we will feel the joy of the surrounding nature, see the beauty of each flower and smell its fragrance. Baby tortoise climbing up the branch, attracted by the scent of the Chrysanthemum .The spider petals tickle Baby and he giggles and laughs happily.

This Garden of Joy is like a secret place for the two of them to share their happiness together.  Baby is always playful, and full of energy. Mama loves Baby so much that she will play along with Baby.  As they play joyfully, they are intoxicated by the beauty of the flowers and their fragrance.

Mama send a loving kiss to Baby , as Baby reaches out his hand to call for Mama " Come and kiss me Mama."

Spider Chrysenthum Tortoise